The benefits of GPI membership for working therapists

As a working pediatric feeding therapist I understand the difficulty that is work life balance. It can be complicated to try and stay up to date on the latest research, find therapy tips and tricks, and understanding shifts in approaches. The GPI founders are also well aware of this, which is why we are so excited to offer something new to provide you with better balance.

The Get Permission Institute Membership was created as a way to provide you with a one stop shop for all your needs! The perks of the membership include:

  1. Live monthly mentoring session! That’s right. Face to face communication with the GPI founders (and myself) each month to ask questions, hear live updates, and connect! The Get Permission Approach is unlike any other approach because of it’s utilization of connection. We believe our clients need it and we also need it! We love our GPI family and we are passionate about being about to help others utilizing this approach.
  2. Access to a community space! I know I get very enthusiastic about a new idea or approach after taking a course, and then when trying to apply it can get stuck and unsure of how to appropriately utilize it. The community space is a way for any member to ask their clientele questions, discuss how to utilize specific strategies, and also a way to easily access Get Permission Approach tools needed for implementation!
  3. Discounted course! I love learning but don’t have the budget to take everything I want to take! GPI knows it’s value, but we also want to be accessible to everyone. That’s why for our members we provide a discount on our entire course catalog (including our Master Courses!).

This is just the beginning. We have been working hard to launch this portion, with plans for further expanding our membership options in 2024.

We would love your feedback on how better to meet your needs as working therapists. Please feel free to comment and let us know what else you would be looking for in a community!