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Bring Mealtime Peace

The most experienced learning community for pediatric feeding therapy professionals

Marsha Dunn Klein

Marsha Dunn Klein OTR/L, M.Ed. FAOTA
Stephanie Cohen, M.A. CCC-SLP
Karen Dilfer headshot
Karen Dilfer OTR/L, MS

The Get Permission Institute is the original home for Marsha Dunn Klein’s Get Permission Approach—a responsive, sensitive, and evidence-based approach to supporting children with feeding challenges.


Feeding Challenges Aren't Simple Solves

From picky eaters to weaning from feeding tubes, pediatric feeding therapy demands careful attention to a spectrum of complex factors across motivation, nutrition, sensory processing, and family dynamics.

Occupational Therapists (OT), Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP), Registered Dieticians (RD), & other feeding professionals need more than tactics and checklists. We need a comprehensive, dynamic, evidence-based framework that leads to true mealtime success.


Built for professionals to lovingly support children and their families

Formed across 50+ years of clinical experience, decades of clinical research, and rooted in child development foundations, the Get Permission Approach is the responsive, sensitive, and evidence-based strategic framework to supporting children with feeding challenges.

Trusted & Comprehensive

The Get Permission Approach Will Teach You To

Help children discover their internal drive to eat through appetite, enjoyment, and relationships

Be more sensitive and supportive with families

Help children feel celebrated at mealtimes

Know exactly where to start in therapy and where to go next

The Learning Community In Action

Resources for New & Experienced Practioners

Professionals Rate Our Courses

We Love Our Learning Community!

Aw, thanks! 😊

I immediately told all my therapy friends that they needed to take this course.
Jill P
Occupational Therapist
This course has given me so much more confidence in how to approach worried eaters.
Narelle J
Speech & Language Pathologist
Absolutely brilliant, Marsha's enthusiasm is contagious.
Lauren E
Registered Dietician
Evidence-based information, videos... I feel I have more tools to work with Early Intervention families that are struggling at mealtimes.
Tracy N
Occupational Therapist

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