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The All New On-Demand Master Course!

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Haven’t been able to join our Master Course because of full schedule, time difference, or family life?

We get it! And because so many of you have asked, Marsha worked hard and is ready to deliver her Master Course to be taken at your own pace!

Formed across 50 years of clinical experience, decades of clinical research, and rooted in child development foundations, the Get Permission Approach is the responsive, sensitive, and evidence-based strategic framework to supporting children with feeding challenges

We created this course structure for working clinicians in mind!

This course includes:

  • The same top-level content from Marsha as the live offering
  • 16 hours of pre-recorded step by step training broken into 8 Modules to be completed at your own pace
  • Graphic Chain with over 20+ colorful PDF’s to be utilized in your practice
  • Includes 3 months to our professional membership and 6 hours of live interactive group mentoring sessions!

No need to wait to begin training, cancel your clients, or align time zones. Enroll today and start learning at your own pace.