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Table of Contents

Who are Anxious Eaters?
When There is Worry and Fear
What is a Mealtime?
What is There to be Worried About?
The Many Faces of Pressure
The Now, Then and Yet of Mealtime
Maximize the Meal
The Stories
Circle of Sensitivity
Grade the ASKS
The Art of Encouragement
The Big Picture
Re-Define Progress
Mealtime Peace
Change Happens
Food Rehearsals
Food is Sensory
Up-Close Sensory Rehearsals
Crumbs are Small
Food Play
Dips and Dippers
Food Academics
Thoughts about Novelty
Invite Your Child Back to the Table
Whose Idea is it Anyway?
New Food Trying
Choose Food Wisely
The Art of New Food Trying
Re-Define TRY IT

Adjust! Adjust! Adjust!
Dear Parent Swim Story
Practical Stretches
Crumb Stretches
Juice Stretches
Water Stretches
Smoothie Stretches
Vitamin and Medicine Stretches
This Cracker is Broken!
My Juice Box Must be Green!
I Do Not Like My Food to Touch!
Worry Diluters
Establish It!
Establish the Food
Change Up the Mealtimes
Confidence Stretches
Bridging New Foods at Home
They’re Listening
Nutritional Health
Mealtime with Siblings
Anxious Eaters at School
Advocating for Your Child
Taking Care of Yourself
Summary Hugs
Anxious Eater, Anxious Mealtime Glossary
Favorite Resources