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Tube-Fed Doll


Have you considered creating a doll for your gastrosomy tube fed child? It can be done quite easily in a quick “surgical procedure” in the garage with your button or catheter sized drill bit! Insert an old button tube or catheter tube and voila, a tube fed doll.

Provide your child with a syringe for those tube feedings. In my experience, the tube stays in best when the trunk of the doll is a solid hard plastic, but some parents have used a softer stuffed doll with a small cut in the fabric and a needle and thread for a stitch or two.

Tube fed dolls are enjoyed by children who are fed by tube…. as well as their siblings. The pretend doll play can be a nice way to become friendly with the tube feedings and have the doll play mirror their reality. The doll can help the child by bravely trying new flavors while the child is learning to taste and try foods, too!