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I found a great resource on introducing autism to children!


I would like to share my enthusiasm for a new book written by Melanie Heyworth and illustrated by Celeste Josephine.

Just Right For You is delightfully written and illustrated and offers a warm, sensitive and optimistic way of introducing autism to a child while embracing their differences! Melanie Heyworth founded Reframing Autism, a charity company run by and for Autistic people and for their families and allies. It has a focus on acceptance and inclusion for autistic people.  

I first learned about this book as I heard Melanie Heyworth interviewed on Meg Proctor’s “Two Sides of the Spectrum” podcast. The podcast episode #74 title is “How to Align Our Work with Our Deepest Values with Dr. Melanie Heyworth”. Check it out here:


Link to book can be found here: