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[Podcast] Marsha: “Supporting Your Baby: Empathy, Readiness and Connection”—Baby Led Weaning Podcast

Marsha Ep 320

How do we support our baby’s internal motivation to feed themself? In this interview I join registered dietitian Katie Ferraro at Baby Led Weaning and share some very practical tips for connecting with your baby at mealtimes, especially when your baby is hesitant or appears worried when trying new foods.


March 31, 2023—320. Supporting Your Baby: Empathy, Readiness and Connection with Marsha Dunn Klein, OTR/L, MEd

Episode Description

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • Why some babies get worried at mealtimes and what that looks like
  • How you can support your baby’s internal motivation to feed themself
  • What “excessive cheerleading” looks like at mealtimes and why it can be harmful

About The Host

Katie Ferraro is a Registered Dietitian specializing in baby-led weaning and a mom of 7. She is an Associate Professor of Nutrition at the University of San Diego and a self-proclaimed baby-feeding fanatic!