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Why take our new upcoming live course: The Power of Communication and Connection at Mealtimes?

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What will this course teach me that I don’t already know about mealtimes?

This course will give you a fresh lens of how to responsively approach mealtimes and communication.

You will learn how to build trust with caregivers through your communication.

You will be able to better support strong and trusting relationships between parents and children.

You will be able to help parents better understand how their child feels right now!

You will be able to partner with parents in order to determine the starting point for learning.

You will learn to look for a child’s communication of comfort, felt safety, readiness for learning, and internal motivation.

You will learn strategies to use when things go awry (and they will!) to repair communication breakdowns, help children maintain self-regulation and support readiness for learning.

At mealtime, behavior is communication.

A child’s behavior communicates how they are feeling about their experience, including whether or not they feel safe and ready for learning. When caregivers are able to learn and understand a child’s cues and communication and responds supportively, trust grows and truly responsive feeding is possible.

Join us November 1st to learn more about this important topic!

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